Thursday, February 23, 2012


   A little bit about me.....I am a mother of two beautiful girls.  I have been married once but he has moved on to a greener pasture in the sky, God bless his soul!  I am someone who says what I want when I want and doesn't hold back much.  I can make myself laugh over the crap that will come out of my mouth sometimes.  No regrets, ever!
   I like to do many crafts but crocheting and jewelry making are my favs.  I go through spurts where I will work on one and not the other and then switch it up.  I come from a family of crafters and my mother taught me the basic crochet stitches.  That is all I really knew until I discovered videos on youtube last year.  Thank you Crochet Geek!  I have learned so much and now I can even understand most patterns and come up with some of my own, although I cannot write them well. 
   I hope to keep this updated at least once per week if not more.  I will post pics of projects and such.  If I ever learn to write a pattern I will share those as well.

Ricki - One Crafty Queen

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